Fall Fashion Tips

Good evening my loves, its finally that time of the week its fri-yay!  How have you been? I’ve missed posting on the blog but your girl has  been drowning in homework and responsibilities. Fall isn’t in full effect yet but its pretty close. We’re at that nasty part of the year where in the morning […]

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Hey guys, how was your week? Have you started school yet or are about to? I started school on Tuesday and I’m like already over the school year… jk just the amount of work I have is crazy definitely not in high school anymore. I commute to school, my school (LIM College) is in Manhattan so it’s […]


How to find your style.

Good day my loves welcome back, Today is Friday which means it’s almost the weekend so we can relax and de-clutter our minds for the upcoming week. I have a question for you …  What is your personal style? (…crickets…). Yeah, when people used to ask me that I didn’t know how to respond either. I’m […]

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Favorite Movies

Good evening loves, I personally am a HUGE movie lover. I enjoy watching movies on Netflix or in the movie theater. Tonight ive decided to share a list of my favorite movies. Feel free to comment your favorite movies, I would love to know! See you friday for the fashion friday post. God bless you […]

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