7 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Your House Without!

Good-evening loves how was your day?

My day was good. Are you ready for the weekend? I am ready to just chill for my second to last weekend of freedom (because then school starts). Sharing with you guys 7 things no one should leave their house without. This post will definitely help you get your bag ready for work or school. Look at it as a mini “whats in my bag?” because these things are always in me. Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube (CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE CHANNEL) New videos are up every Monday and a new blog post will be up every Friday you guys know the drill! Love you all, God bless thank you for the amazing support and feedback! Feel free to dm me suggestions for videos or blog post, I’ll greatly appreciate it. XOXO

Tampons / Pads: Which ever you use, It doesn’t matter just make sure it’s on you at all times. I like to keep them in a pouch with all these other items so it can be easy to just grab and go to the bathroom I don’t get to take my entire bag.

Lotion: You don’t want to be that person that’s able to start a fire if they rub their elbows together. Make sure you have this on you because of it’s just key. 

Perfume: I just love smelling good (at all times) whenever I feel like I need a touch up I carry a lightweight body mist and just spray it on me.

Chapstick or Lip Balm: You don’t want to have cracked or burning lips. The most uncomfortable feeling ever. *Cringe*

Pain Medicine: You never know what is going to happen. You might get surprised with your period, a killer migraine, allergies or tooth ache (which sucks really bad guys).  No matter what comes your way you’re set. Or if your friends ever need any you can be the mom of the group (lol I’m  the mom

Hair ties:  Because you might want to put your hair up to get it out of your face or your friend might need it so you can come to the rescue. 

Pen: The most common sense thing but we always forget it and always find ourselves having to ask a stranger for a pen. So make sure you add this to your purse in your “go-to” pouch. 

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