How to find your style.

Good day my loves welcome back,

Today is Friday which means it’s almost the weekend so we can relax and de-clutter our minds for the upcoming week. I have a question for you …  What is your personal style? (…crickets…). Yeah, when people used to ask me that I didn’t know how to respond either. I’m going to share with you guys 3 tips on how to find your personal style. I have my associates in fashion merchandising so I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve that helped me find my style. Also lets say you know your style but want to change it? These tips will help you too. By the way a new video will be up on my YouTube channel EVERY MONDAY. This monday it’s on my easy everyday no foundation makeup routine + hair.  Make sure you’re subscribed (MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL) so you won’t miss out! Thank you for the support, God bless. Love you all! XO 

Tip #1 Find INSPIRATION. I repeat find inspiration… DO NOT COPY IT. Be yourself copying doesn’t get you anywhere. This is a great direction to start when finding your style.  We all have different celebrities or influencers that we follow and love their style. Find a couple of pictures of outfits you like and get inspired from that.

Tip #2 : Go to a clothing store you like and try-on a bunch of different things some that are in your comfort zone and some that are not. DON’T BE CLOSE MINDED the thing you hated on the hanger you’ll surprisingly fall head over heels with. Speaking from experience! This has happened to me so many times. The items I didn’t like on the hanger or gravitate towards first become my wardrobe staples. 

Tip #3 : Style things in your closet differently, so that you can have variation and test out the waters with different styles.Youll notice what you like and what you don’t like. Once you notice that? Your eyes open and you’re able to find your style faster. That’s how I started by knowing everything I didn’t like then recently like last year I discovered my personal style.  


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