Natural Hair Journey… WITH PICTURES.

Welcome back my loves hope you guys are doing well

I just got back from vacation went to the Dominican Republic for two weeks with my boyfriend and family. I had an amazing tim and came back couple shades darker… that’s that island sun. Today I’m sharing with you guys my natural journey with a BUNCH of pictures. I’ll also be uploading a different natural hair topic video Next Monday on my YouTube channel (Diese A La Mode ) so make sure you’re subscribed you don’t want to miss out on that! Also that youre subscribed by email here to the blog. Feel free to comment and let me know any blog post/ videos you guys would want to see. Thank you for the support, God bless XOXO 

Natural Hair Journey, The “Why

When I was debating about going natural it was super hard for me. Being a Dominican young lady with several family members that own salons I just grew up always getting my hair done. When I was 11 I wanted to get a perm so bad so my hair could be super straight… big mistake. Turns out the salon lady put a grown women perm on me and left it in for too long. When she took this perm out I noticed my hair was straight but also very thin I regretted it instantly. Then after that I would always wet my hair and leave it wet. That also contributed to me loosing so much hair. Bottom line is I was pissed and looked like little bill for those years of my life. At 16 I decided to chill out and let my hair breathe and I stopped perming it. After that I was stuck transitioning for a year because I didn’t want to cut my hair. I was still going to the salon but not as much around this time. I finally cut my hair Ito a bob and got most of the damage out. Then I stopped putting heat in my hair completely and THAT’S when I saw a change. My hair became more full and healthy. I trim my hair occasionally from time to time now but only apply heat to my hair once a year on my b-day or thanksgiving. I’ve been heatless for 2 full. years now ( putting heat in my hair only TWICE). I love my curly hair and this is why they call it a journey because it doesn’t happen over night. Still have a long way to go because I’m letting my hair grow long but I’m content with how healthy my hair is at the moment. 

Picture Timeline

When I chopped my hair into a bob back in 2015
Back in 2015 You can see my curls here and how loose they are. 
Went to college did a lot of protective styling. Stopped using heat COMPLETELY. 
Curls were getting better here but not all the way. I had a lot o loose curls here.
Progress 2016
Could finally get a big hair puff. 2016 
You can see my curls getting better and tighter here. 2017 
I do lots of perm rod sets. and look at mt curls after no heat at all and no perms. 
2017 Progress


In the beginning of July 2017 
This was in the beginning of July 2017 
This is my hair now last week. July 2017 

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