Favorite Movies

Good evening loves,

I personally am a HUGE movie lover. I enjoy watching movies on Netflix or in the movie theater. Tonight ive decided to share a list of my favorite movies. Feel free to comment your favorite movies, I would love to know! See you friday for the fashion friday post. God bless you thank you for the support XOXO


  1.  Taken – No movie will ever take this movies place. I know the entire monologue of the “I don’t know who you are I don’t know what you want.” dont get me started. 
  2. The Parent TrapThe entire plot of this movie is amazing. I thought Lindsay Lohan really had a twin.  
  3. Moana“I am Moana from Motunui and you must board my boat”
  4. Wonder Woman She’s so heroic truly a powerful movie 
  5. The Grinch – Not the cartoon version, the one that’s actual people. 
  6. PassengersIntergalactic romance. 
  7. Jurassic Park Because she did everything in heels.
  8. Beauty and the Beast” Tale as old as time, something . something something, Beauty and the Beast” The new version of course.
  9. Boss Baby – Makes me think twice about leaving babies alone.
  10. War Room –  The meaning behind this movie is amazing. Taught me to fight things on my knees praying. 

2 thoughts on “Favorite Movies

  1. I agree on some of the movies you list. I also like The notebook & Titanic. Both of these movies just showed everlasting love through the years & definition of true love.

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