Effortless Travel Make-up

Good afternoon my loves, welcome back!

To wrap up my travel series that’s been going on for the past Friday’s I’m going to give you an effortless makeup look with some tips. Some people choose to not wear makeup at all when traveling. Others either go for a natural look or full on glam, everyone has their own taste. For anyone going on a trip, wishing you guys traveling mercies, See you Tuesday. Thanks for the support, God bless you XOXO

The Make-up Look

BEFORE YOUR MAKEUP, make sure your skins properly moisturized and do your skin care routine. That is key if you want your makeup to last and skin to stay clear.


Brow Pencil / Pomade : Whatever you prefer so your eyebrows can look amazing while you fly. I gravitate towards whatever I have access to a pencil or the pomade. 

Concealer : Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone so it can look natural and so you can conceal your brows. Also pick another one that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Use a dot or two just to bring a bit of brightness to your face. 


Bronzer : Don’t go for contour, go for bronzer so it can bring warmth to your face. Bronzers look way more natural as well. Also use your bronzer as an eyeshadow, place it in your crease to bring depth to your eyes. 


Highlighter : Place it on the high points of your face. This can also double as an eyeshadow place on your lid to have some shimmer, or just in your inner corners to make the eyes appear bigger.


Lipstick : Gravitate towards something more moisturizing cause when traveling your lips can get very chapped. You can also use your lipstick as a blush, just dab it on your cheeks and blend it out.


Mascara : To make your lashes pop and make your eyes look bigger, if you want you can put on falsies I personally won’t for traveling unless I already have extensions.

Setting spray : Last but not least setting spray so your makeup can last the entire trip. 




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