Anni Surprise + How We Met

Welcome back loves

Yesterday my boyfriend and I made a year, so he planned the day and surprised me.Ill be sharing that with you plus how we met its a very unique story. Thank you for the support. See you guys on Fashion Friday, God bless XOXO 

How We Met

Disclaimer I didn’t go  to college looking for a relationship, I was in a bad relationship when I left for college, that ended. Okay so the beginning of my second semester of my freshman year I started noticing Justin (my boyfriend) but im not the type to walk up to you and speak to you if I have a crush on you. I mentioned it to my fashion professor (Amy) which is my second mother. Her husband (Kyle, my second dad) is the athletic trainer for the college and Justin was the captain of the basketball team he was injured during this time. Which meant he met with Kyle daily for treatments and physical therapy. I mentioned it to Kyle that he was cute and basically got ALL the inside scoop from Kyle, never acted on it though. Then the day of the first home basketball game of the semester Justin wasn’t injured and played. RIGHT after the game, like basketball team still on the court sweaty buzzer just rang. Amy went up to Justin and said “Mina? Shes such a great girl” and Justin looked at me and said “I’d hug you but I’m sweaty” I was so embarrassed. When I tell you I turned red which is impossible because im brown-skinned is understatement. Then I got over the embarrassment and snapchated him replying to his story and we’ve been talking ever since. He asked me to be his girlfriend June, 19 , 2016. 

1 Year Anni Surprise 

First part of the surprise was he took me to this cute spa down in Soho and got us 50 minute facials and 50 minute couples massages. It was such a relaxing experience I really didn’t expect. I thought the surprise was going to be art related because I love art and painting.  Overall the spa treatment was amazing, My face is super soft. I loved it.   


Second, he made reservations for this rooftop restaurant I was dying to go to called Cantina Rooftop. I was so excited and loved every second of it. The roof of the restaurant is retractable but since it rained yesterday it wasn’t open. The view and the food is amazing. Would recommend it if you like mexican food. Definitely will be back there for brunch or dinner. 

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