Carry-On Essentials

Good evening loves, how was your week?

My week was a bit nerve-racking. Made my schedule for the fall, it’s still surreal that i’ll be pursuing my bachelors. Also got my internship that i’ll be starting this summer, so I’m excited for that. Tonight we’re going to be talking about carry-on essentials to have on the plane. Thank you for the support, don’t forget to tune in Tuesday. I’ll be sharing my one year anniversary surprise with you guys. Till then, XOXO

Carry-On Essentials

Water Bottle

 Being so far up in an airplane can be very dehydrating. So I like to have a water bottle on me, empty of course because TSA will not let you pass into the gates. I fill my water bottle up after I pass TSA and have it there for my trip. 



You never know who you’ll be on the plane with, babies are cute and all but they can cry… a lot. I personally take naps for my flights (unless an interesting movie comes on). Regardless headphones are key.


Closed Shoes 

I can not stress this enough. When you travel on an airplane, wear closed shoes. 1) airplanes are cold, so that helps. 2) if an emergency happens at least you’ll have something solid on your feet, not sandals.


Blanket Scarf/Hoodie 

Once again airplanes are freezing so just make sure you incorporate a hoodie into your outfit. Or you can pack a blanket scarf so you can enjoy your flight and not freeze. 



I have seasonal allergies and also get terrible headaches, so I always make sure to have pills on me. So if you’re like me and at times require medication make sure to bring them.

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