Travel Tips

Welcome back beauties

Thanks for tuning in, Im super excited for this Fridays post because it’s all about Traveling. I’m taking a trip to my country the Dominican Republic in about 4 weeks so I’ve decided to start this travel series. Summers usually the time where everyone is traveling so this will help those of you who are.  Make sure you return because you wouldn’t want to miss out on next weeks post. I’ll be sharing some travel essentials and more. Also, I’m considering uploading every Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday won’t necessarily be fashion based, Just wait and see. Remember life isn’t meant to be lived in one place get out there and travel! God bless you XOXO



Pre-planning has its advantages. Since you’ve planned out your outfits you can easily repeat and style certain garments. Instead of just packing a new outfit for each day.  I literally sat down pen and paper and planned out my outfit for each day. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to wear the outfits in that specific order but I get an idea of what outfits I have and how I styled what. This tip saves you space and time. If you just want to take a  carry on for a week-long trip you’ll just have to coordinate your outfits so all your stuff can fit in one.



You’d be surprised the times I’m getting checked by security and see the people next to me getting all of their new expensive perfume and makeup taken away. You don’t want to be that person, So make sure the you put all of your perfumes, makeup, toiletries, and ANYTHING that’s liquid in your suitcase NOT your carry on. Now if you’re only traveling with a carry on,  make sure you read all of the airport information. Find out what sizes are allowed.


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Bring an extra outfit or even two in your carry on. You never know what can happen, what if your luggage goes missing and the airport has to relocate it? Also bring an extra pair of undergarments. Or ladies what if your period surprises you as you wait for your flight? You can easily change out of it. Expect the unexpected



When we go on vacay we tend to plan every little thing that we’re going to do, don’t be such a stickler just go with the flow. You’d be surprised that the things you don’t plan become the greatest memories.  Plan a couple of events but not everything, let things come to you. Whatever the weather just enjoy your vacation because you deserve it! 

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