Good Evening loves,

How was your week? Hope all  was well! Today we’re going to be talking about “Empties”  products I love so much that I use them until the last drop. This will include makeup and hair products. I don’t have to many of these but let’s get into the blog post. Thank you for the support, God bless. XOXO!

Empty #1


First empties will be my Nars radiant creamy concealer, it cost 30$ but it is truly worth it. Its super lightweight and it isn’t high coverage. So you can easily achieve your “no makeup” makeup look. It’s great for everyday makeup you don’t feel it on your skin. I’m in the shade Amande.

Empty #2


Second will be Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. I’ve been natural for 3 years now (occasionally doing my hair for thanksgiving and my birthday but that’s it.) This product makes my hair super mositurized and allows it to coil up right away. This should me a curly girls holy grail. I use this and some water on day four hair and my curls bounce back to life. It costs under 20$ and you can find it anywhere that sells hair products.

Empty #3


Third is Tartes shape tape concealer. It cost 25$ and is ONLY found at ulta. This concealer is definitely one of those that are hyped up on YouTube, I decided to try it out and i fell in love. Tarte shape tape is super full coverage yet you don’t even feel it. I use this when I want an everyday natural makeup look because it covers but it still looks like skin. I Throw this on , dip brow, bronzer, highlighter, and that’s a simple makeup look. I’m in the shade Deep.

Empty #4


My fourth is Mac Gold Deposit illuminizer. It is 30$ but, I LOVE THIS STUFF SO MUCH. This highlighter is perfect for my dark-skinned females. When you take pictures the highlighter comes through. I get asked about my highlighter a lot, and I can see myself using it until I hit the pan. 

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