Graduation Outfit Ideas + Tips

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to another Fashion Friday. 

It’s that time of season… prom and graduations everywhere. For those of you that don’t know, I’ll be graduating in 14 days with my Associates in Fashion Merchandising .  It was such a struggle finding a unique and comfortable outfit for graduation. I finally got one and I can’t wait to show you guys.Im going to share some looks with you guys and also some pointers to keep in mind when looking for an outfit.  Thank you for the continuous support! XOXO 


You could never go wrong with lace, its one of those fabrics that’ll always dress you up. Its light weight so great for the warm graduation weather , plus you just look really sophisticated.



They’re are so many other colors to choose from loves. I was one of those “I’m going to wear white” girls. Then I’ll ask my friends what they were wearing and majority of them would say white. So I realized at the end that I’m better off doing another color because everyone… I repeat EVERYONE is going to show up in white.



Ladies do not be afraid of wearing a Midi dress. Everyone is going white like I mentioned before but they’re also going short. So if you like wearing midi dresses don’t feel obligated to wear a short dress. Midi’s look super classy to and your comftertable plus you can see them over your gown so it won’t look like the gowns all you’ve got on.  



The pant of the season, the cullote can definitely be a option for graduation. Last year one of mt fashion major friends from Japan wore a pair of hot pink culottes for graduation and she looked so beautiful. The way the pants look under the gown is so cool yet so elegant. Plus she looked very unique no one had a pair of culottes on yet she stayed everyone. 

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My first tip is to make sure you are Comfortable. This is key for your graduation day because you don’t want to be focused on pulling up your top every five minutes, or how much your feet hurt, and etc. So make sure you test trail your outfit before graduation. You need to be 100% positive that every component of your outfit is comfortable. 

Second tips is to stick to lightweight fabrics. Graduation is in June and for some May the weather tends to be hot. Making sure your clothing is lightweight can save you’re entire outfit. If its hot in the place you’re having graduation and there is no AC you’re screwed so just be prepared for that by having lightweight clothing.

My last tip is to stick to pastels or light bold colors. Reason I say this is because its hot and if you’re wearing burgundy or black you’re going to sweat your life away under the gown. Also its spring, why wear all these dark fall colors? Wear the colors that are in season and look amazing doing so. 

3 thoughts on “Graduation Outfit Ideas + Tips

  1. Thank you so much for this. My graduation is at the end of May so I am excited. I had decided that my grad out for would be a jumpsuit. It’s perfect for me because I would not have to match too and bottom.

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