7 Things That Should Always Be In Your Purse

Welcome back loves, I’ve had a super busy day today between school and work but i’m still uploading even if it’s a bit late. Hope you’ve all had a good day but if not I wish you all an amazing weekend! I’m back at it again with another “Fashion Friday”. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys 7 things that  should always be in your purse. We always forget to put something or don’t even think of packing something up in our bags until the moment you actually need it. These things may vary per person, but this is my opinion on what should always be in your bag besides feminine hygiene products (pads, tampons, cramp pills) because you never know what can happen. God bless you and thank you for the support! XOXO

  1. Tape: You’re probably like “what… tape?” YES Tape. Tape can always come in handy. If your bra starts hurting, you can just tape your nipples and BAM no more bra pain. You can also use tape when doing your eyeshadow to keep it sharp. Also if you have a shirt that shows extra cleavage you can always use double sided tape to tape the shirt down from slipping so you and your girls stay covered.
  2. Safety Pins: Never know when you’ll pop a button or seam. Baby pins can literally save you’re entire look. 
  3. Band-Aids: Very versatile. Not only for cuts but also for painful shoes. After a long day of walking in some painful flats, heels, sneakers you’ll remember you have a band-aid in your purse and just put it on. So you can be chic, stylish and not in pain. ✨
  4. Tide To Go Stick: You’ll just thank me later. Tide To Go Stick will help you with any stain that gets on your clothing through out the day. You never know when something is going to fall on you so it’s always handy for you to have the Tide Stick on you at all times.          
  5. Spare Napkins: A pack of tissues or spare napkins it doesn’t really matter. For one of those random spills or leaks, You’ll be covered. Napkins are essential. Also if you get sweaty you can blot with the napkins in your bag #MajorKey for summer that’s approaching 
  6. Tiny Bottle of Perfume: To retouch your perfume after a long day,  in between classes, or at work. Get a sample size of you’re favorite perfume and just keep it in your bag. Nice way to stay fresh throughout the day.
  7. A Snack: What if you get hungry and can’t go to a store? Having a snack on you will help you focus on whatever you’re doing. When you’re hungry that’s all you’ll focus on so don’t get #Hangry &i just pack a snack  🙂

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