6 New Trends Of 2017

Welcome back to another Fashion Friday lovelies,

Hoping you guys had a wonderful week, but if you didn’t its Friday girl! You made it through the week. Today were talking all about the latest trends. I’ve been doing my research and I’m here to keep y’all up to date you know? on top things so you ladies can continue to slay in the most fashionable way. Lol that kind of rhymed. Once again thank you for the support and if you haven’t already subscribe via email so you can receive all my Fashion Fridays directly. XOXO God bless you all.


They are really in this season, but I also feel that stripes will be somewhat of a classic  its one of those things that never completely go away. One year horizontal stripes are in, the other year vertical stripes are in, and some years both are in so this is one of those trends that stick around just in different ways.double-stripes-outfit.jpg


These shoes have been taking over the fashion world recently and its funny because a year or two ago these shoes were ugly and considered “Old Lady Shoes”. I’m talking about Mules. They have made a huge come back this year. They look very nice and chic and minimalistic when styled properly.


Frayed Denim 

Frayed anything. I’ve seen a lot of Frayed jeans and frayed skirts in every store I walk into. This is a trend that some people either love or hate I don’t believe that there’s an in-between. I personally love this look and think its different because no matter how much fashion advances we haven’t changed our jeans much so now that this is going on its recreating the look of our jeans… therefore giving us more options.


Off The Shoulder 

This is a super feminine yet empowering trend, there’s something about showing off your collar bones yet looking sophisticated that’s taking over the fashion world… for now at least. It’s also very versatile, you can wear this look from day to-night.


Graphic T’s

I don’t see trend going anywhere any time soon. You can throw on a Graphic T and keep it simple with all black and shades… you’ll look like the stylish person alive. They give a little attitude to your outfit , and it looks like you’ve tried. Simple, yet very bold.



This new fashion trend caught me by surprise but it’s another one you can dress up or down. To go have some brunch with the girls to a GNO (Girls Night Out). Theres all different types of robes too some are satin others are cotton.


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