#SpringBreak2017| Toronto

What’s up lovlies! Had a busy day yesterday, I was at accepted students day for LIM College. So I didn’t have time to post a #FashionFriday. I decided to share my spring break experience with you guys through pictures. First time leaving the country alone and I enjoyed it so much, went to go visit my bestfriend (s/o to Diana) that moved out there recently. It wasn’t cold, It barley snowed. It was colder here in New York actually. On top of that the weeknd and selena gomez were there at the same time as me … you know your girl was hype!  lol  Overall I loved my spring break and I’ll definitely be back!  Thank you for the support, God bless I’ll talk to you guys next week  xoxo ❤

Girls Night Out: On our way to start off our night, we decided that the train would be a cool look for some pictures. So we had a full blown photo shoot on the train with my professional camera. Everyone was staring but we clearly didn’t mind lol that’s what bestfriends are for! We had dinner at Jack Astors which gave us a skyline view of downtown toronto & CN Tower! Loved having rooftop dinner, plus the food was great. 

Retail Therapy: We went shopping at Eaton Mall, One of the biggest malls in Downtown Toronto. Shopped till we dropped … or got tired lol. 

 The CN Tower:  Went to go See the CN Tower, it was snowing lightly so the view wasn’t amazing but it still was good. My ears popped about 3 times on the elevator going up to the tower. Also found that “Canada” Sign … Shout out to my bestfriend for the pictures in front of it! 

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