Plus Size Girls Guide for Spring 

Welcome back lovelies, It’s almost spring!! So I’ve decided to gear this post towards my Thick Beauties. Everyone’s making lookbooks & posts on outfits for spring but no one has  mentioned my BBW ( Big. Beautiful. Women.), So I got y’all ! ALL of these looks are from Forever 21, so if you like or even love any of them  go online and buy it from them. Always remember to love the skin you’re in. No matter what shape, size, or color LOVE YOURSELF because you are and always will be beautiful. God bless you all xoxo ❤

  1. OFF THE SHOULDERS: Anything dress or shirt off the shoulder is so beautiful and delicate. You can wear this out for brunch with the girls, and you’ll look so put together with out having to try. 
  2. EVENING “GODDESS” DRESS: This dress you can definitely wear out on a dinner date… with the girls or with him. The vibrant yet subtle color give the dress an amazing look.
  3. FLORAL: All I have to say is … flowers are without a doubt in for spring 2017. This print  would look nice as a shirt or dress , either or. 
  4. JOGGERS: For those days that you have things to do but don’t feel like putting effort into your look, yet still want to look put together? Yup Joggers it is. 
  5. PRINTED TEE: Because why not? We all deserve to have atleast one in our wardrobe for our chill days. 
  6. KIMONO STYLE CARDIGANS: This will transform your simple shirt and jean outfit. It’ll add a level of sophistication and you’re not doing much just putting a cardigan on.
  7. THE T-SHIRT DRESS: Great for those busy days. Just put one on with a choker and BAM you look amazingly stylish ! 
  8. DENIM: Denim on Denim will always be a go to. It’s very versitale look. You can style it with whatever you want. Dress it up or down, Denim on Denim will forever be a fave. 
  9. THE ROMPER: Rompers another piece you can dress up or down depending on where your going. Invest in one it’s worth it ! 
  10. BATHSUITS: I know I know, This is not an outfit but I decided to throw in 2 cute bathing suits that I saw. In some parts of the world it’ll be a really hot spring so you might just be able to pull out the bathing suit and go for a swim. 

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