New In My Wardrobe

Good afternoon lovelies, hope you’re all having a wonderful day! So I’ve been shopping a lot recently. I shouldn’t be… but somehow I always end up online shopping in my dorm room. Also going on one of those mall trips saying ” I’m not going to buy anything” and then end up buying things. Sounds familiar? lol Im pretty sure we have all been there. Today I’ll be sharing my new babies with you guys so keep on reading. Thank you so much for the support xoxo ❤

1. Long Black Trench Coat– Bought this because it’s a classic wardrobe essential that I’ll wear a lot. Plus it was on sale at forever 21, so why not?

Long Black Trench Coat

2. The Leather Jacket – This wool lined leather jacket is perfect for those windy city days.  From Forever 21

Leather Jacket & Velvet Booties

3. Velvet Booties – Velvet is definitely in this season. I just love the look that velvet boots give to an outfit , so chic! from Charlotte Russe

4. Faux Fur Coat– The fur coat gives you a BAM WHAT look. You can literally wear tights (as I did in the picture below), black T and add a faux fur coat and you look like the most stylish thing ever. Forever 21

Faux Fur Coat

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