New Year, Same Resolutions? 3 Helpful Tips! 

Happy New Years Dolls & Welcome back. New year for some means new resolutions; for others it means same resolutions. Today I’ll be sharing some insight about why we aren’t achieving the goals we set for ourselves year in and out. 

  1. Realistic– Set goals that you know you can do. Who knows you better than yourself? If you know that you can’t lose 70 pounds in 2 months then why make that a goal? That examples a bit drastic but you get the point. 
  2. Examine– Society teaches us to examine ourselves around this time of year. If it didn’t we wouldn’t be setting all these goals for the new years. So don’t just think about the idea of examining yourself. Actually do it. Your relationships? Your walk with God? Your academics? Are you living healthy? Because after we examine and dissect our lives and realize where we’re at it makes it way easier to set goals that we can obtain.  
  3. Discipline– To complete those resolutions it takes a lot of discipline. Physically, spiritually, mentally, or even all three. You’re training your body to get used to doing something you haven’t been doing. Personally my timer helps me a lot whether it be to set a hour to pray or a hour to work out. Use your resources to help you discipline yourself.

I have faith in all of you, you CAN do it! No matter what set your mind to something and apply these tips and you’ll see a difference. Have a great day loves, God bless you. Don’t forget to subscribe via email to stay up to date!  
Diese A La Mode 
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