Quantity or Quality Fashion? 

Hey loves welcome back, Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season!! I’m currently #Struggling , your girls mid “finals week”. The one week every college student regrets attending college. Hanging on by a thread but it’s fine, atleast my eyebrows are still on fleek. Today I’ve decided to address a topic that’s been brought up in my fashion classes a couple of times… Quantity Or Quality Fashion?  

  • Quantity Fashion aka “Fast Fashion” is when you buy a bunch of clothing for relatively good prices but they don’t last you long. Examples of  retailers that have fast fashions are Forever 21 and H&M 
  • Quality Fashion aka Capsule Fashion is when you invest into articles of clothing that are more on the pricey side. They last you a long time, this ties into the whole “Less is more”. A example of a retailer that practices this is Zara. 

 Have you ever worn a pair of forever 21 jeans a couple of times wash them and then notice that they’ve faded ? Exactly as to why I refer to it as “fast fashions“. You can get a good 5 wears & 2 washs out of it. Don’t expect to have that piece  of clothing for a year or more. Growing up I didn’t have tons of  money to go splurge on Prada and Valentino at 15 years old (Still don’t today haha). So I’d usually go to forever 21 and h&m to shop. Now that i’m getting older and work I’ve been investing into my Quality Capsule fashions. I’d much rather spend 100$ on a jacket that I know is going to last me a while than 20$ and only get to wear that jacket for 6 months before it starts fading. Not going to lie, It still hurts me when I click the check out button or swipe my card at the store but then I get over it. I rejoice because I know i’m going to have that shirt, jacket, dress, shoes, or purse in my wardrobe for a very long time. That’s why I referred Zara as a great reatailer to start your capsule closet. I’ve bought things from Zara 1 year and a half ago that are in good condition until this day. Im not the best when it comes to taking care of clothing either but my clothes still look good. You wouldn’t be able to tell they’re that old. So now I’m working on transitioning my closet from fast fashions to capsule items. 

Whenever you guys feel like taking that next step into having a Capsule wardrobe with less items that cost more; look into Zara! It’s definitely hard , but it’s worth it. P.S- I still buy from forever 21 and H&M i’m not bad talking them I love them but if I want something to last me a long (year +) time I will not purchase it from them. 
Thank you for the support ! God bless you all xoxo ❤ Follow me on instagram @DIESEALAMODE and on Snapchat @MILNALIS 

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