4 Staple Accessories 

Hey love’s, welcome back. Hope you’re all doing well! Today I will be talking about accessories because an outfit isn’t complete without them. We tend to over look the importance of accessories sometimes. We might not know how to style them, or what style to buy them. So I’ve decided to give you guys a few  tips reguarding  4 Staple (must have) Accessories that can really transform the feel of your look. 

  1. SCARF: Scarves make you look like you tried extra hard to get ready even though in reality you had 10 minutes to get ready. They’re that accessory you can wear in summer or winter. For the winter Big Chunky Knits are in, they give an outfit a cozy and relaxed feel. Another popular scarf is Blanket scarf they’re huge and come in handy when traveling because you can use them on the plane as a blanket (hence the term blanket scarf). For the summer popular scarfs are the silk scarves. They can make any outfit look fancy. Silk scarves don’t weigh anything either so you can look chic while feeling like you don’t have a scarf on. 
  2. SUNGLASSES: Every one needs a pair of sunglasses… Everyone. No matter the weather you can use sunglasses. I personally love the look of a fall/winter outfit paired with sunglasses.  Right now the ones that are trendy are the big huge fashion sunglasses. They’re affordable from for example forever 21 & chatloutte russe. Don’t go and spend your coins on Expensive Shades… they aren’t worth it save your money and get a bunch so you can switch it up. 
  3. EARRINGS: I know this may seem pretty obvious but you’d be shocked at the females that don’t wear earrings or pay mind to their earrings by matching their outfits. WEARING EARRINGS MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Not only in your face shape, It’s one of those things that can make you look out together even though you didn’t try. Right now there’s a trend starting of mix match gold or silver earrings. You can buy packs of mix match earrings. The idea sounds kind of strange but I saw them on someone and they looked fab. Mix match or not … You need earrings. Point. Blank. Period. 
  4. PURSES: Handbags are a thing that some people care about a lot or don’t care about at all. A Purse is a good way to spice up an outfit. If you have a plain outfits and add a pop of could with the handbag and then a pop of could with the shoes matching the purse? You will be #Goals. There many different types of purses… the clutch , tote, Hobo , Over the shoulder, evening bag. Try changing up your bag to go accordingly with your outfit and that’ll change the way you look. 

Thank you for the support , I appreciate it bery much. Feel free to Subscribe to my blog! God bless you all! xoxo ❤️ 

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