5 Things Im Thankful For 

Hey Loves Happy Thanksgiving! Ive decided to make a short list of the something’s I’m thankful for today in the spirit of thanksgiving ! 🦃 . Also,  im currently working on my uploading schedule soon itll be regular. Remember Im in college, sometimes  im so drowned with work that I can’t post regularly. NowOn to the List .. 

  1. God, He’s held it down for alllllll these years. 
  2. My Family 
  3. My Boyfriend
  4. My Friends 
  5. My Professor (Amy aka my second mom) & Her family! 

 Remember that besides all the terrific food, Thanksgiving is about aporeciating all of those in youre life that love you. Also about counting all youre blessings ! So don’t forget that as your stuffing lure faces today. God bless you all ! I appreciate you all. Have a Great Thanksgiving, Eat lots of food! ❤️

Instagram : Diesealamode 

Snapchat: Milnalis 

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