The Story Behind My Name! 

Welcome back loves, for those of you who don’t know my name is Milnalis Diese , you’re probably thinking to yourself “that’s a name?” Well… Yes , Yes it is.  You pronounce it like 

Mil-Na-Lease   Thie-Se

To start off the story… my mom is dominican so my First name is spanish, my last name is french that’s One. Two, Hispanic moms have a tendency of giving their children names THAT NOBOY CAN PRONOUNCE EXCEPT FOR THEM. I used to be that kid in class during attendance that Always had to correct the teacher. I’ve heard it All. I haven’t ran into one person that pronounces my name correctly. 

It all started 20 years ago, when my mom was a home attendant she used to take care of a beautiful soul called “Milna. My mom loved her so much. She wasn’t a patient to my mom she was family. She treated my mom very nice and sadly ended up passing after my mom grew a bond with her. May she Rest in peace. since then, my mom vowed to herself that she would name her daughter after her. Then little ol’ me came along (my moms first born) and she named me MILNAlis. 

Theres pros and cons to my name.  I love the fact that I haven’t met ANYONE with my name. Like ever. There’s only one me literally. Im not a Jessica , or a Jordan, Or a Brittany, Or Samantha. Not that there is anything wrong with those names. It’s just that my names different, it’s out of the Norm and I love that. 

Cons are that, NO ONE EVER PRONOUNCES IT RIGHT. Which means that I have to correct them… every. single. time.  When I was younger in middle school I remembered being bullied for my name all of the time. I had low self esteem and hated my name so much. As i grew older i realized that my mom did me a very big Favor by giving me a unique name. I was always in love with it. Now when people meet me they tell me “wow such a beautiful nameor “Your the only Milnalis I know, Never met someone with that name” . Now I thank my mom daily for separating me and making me one of a kind with my name. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the story behind my name ! Have a great night loves ❤️ God Bless 



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