How To Relax: A Night Out In The City

Welcome back ladies, 

This past weekend I got the opportunity to head back home. Haven’t been home since i came up to school August 13th. My family, My bf and I went out to eat to celebrate my birthday (which is coming up October 13th). On this weekend away, it was really hard to just chill. I would be sitting down watching a movie yet feeling like I needed to do something. Felt like i had a bunch of homework to do ( I don’t have any I just need to study). I had to turn my phone off for a few, relax my mind. Literally completely empty out my mind from all of my overthinking thoughts. I would be thinking about projects and tasks that aren’t even due till the end of this month during my relaxation time. 

Rainy night in the City

My point with this blog post ladies is to let you know that it’s normal to have a ton on your mind. We’re humans we overthink at times Now, It’s not beneficial to let that dictate your mind

My Mom looking adorable 👑

Theres times you’ll have to breath in and out or do a hobby you like to do. Like photography, makeup, sketching,playing a sport, praying, singing (worshipping). To empty your mind just so you can enjoy time away from school, work, and overall stress. 

“Pio Pio” is the name of this place, Its so beautiful. Look at the detailing of the walls.

With all that being said, im really  happy i got to spend some time out with my family. The restaurants food was amazing. I loved the architecture of the place as well. I enjoyed my pre-birthday dinner / weekend a lot. After I separated myself from all those overwhelming thoughts of course. 

Yes thats an H&M tower
My boyfriend & I ❤️

Thank you guys for the support! I appreciate it ❤️ Have a blessed day. 



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