Top 3 Online Stores To Shop from This Season

Goodafternoon ladies, welcome back! So this season is my favorite season of them all, FALL. Which means pumpkin spice everything, those vampy color lipsticks (Maroon, Dark Purple, & even Black). I’ll be sharing with you guys 3 Online Stores to shop from this season. You know a girl gets lazy at times (or most of the times) and doesn’t feel like going out,that’s why I live off of shopping  online. Thank God for who ever created online shopping. 

  1. ZARA – I’m so “Pro” Zara. Zara is one of those stores that are having sales continuously.They literally have sales all of the time. So you can get a nice expensive look, for a very inexpensive price. They offer a nice variety of big chunky knits, nice detailed jackets, jeans, boots & much more! We Must Save Those Coins 2016 Ladies! 
  2. H&M –  H&M is another one that offers a lot of different looks for each season. I’m a sweater lover. One thing I notice  every season is that each year they offer new styles. They stay very up to date. Most importantly, are affordable. 
  3. ASOS- ASOS is a shop that offers those “cool” pieces of clothing. That popular girl from your highschool ?  probably shopped at ASOS. They don’t only offer great clothes but they ship when they’re supposed to. They also, have a great collection of Perspex heels (the boots with the clear heels) so check them out ladies!

Thank  you ladies for the support ! God bless xoxo ❤️ 



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