Hey ladies, I want to start off by apologizing, I’ve had lots on my plate this past month. I’ve been transitioning into my school year. PLUS I work like 3 Jobs & am taking 21 Credits this semseter. Started my youtube channel a couple days ago aswell. I’m a busy busy bee.  But yeah I’m apologizing for my uploading schedules it’s kind of all over the place. When the school year takes flight a little ill go back to writing on my regular basis. So I’ve decided to make some tips and tricks for College Students some of them might even apply to high schoolers. I’m not the best student but I do have a 3.5 GPA, I went from getting straight F’s in high schools to a 3.5 GPA in college. So I’ve learned a bit of tips and tricks, I’ve learned throughout my year in college. 

  1. DO NOT MISS CLASS: Teachers usually give you about 3-6 absences before they start counting them but that doesn’t mean “go ahead and miss class”. Something that happens last semester is that I never missed class so when it was a horrible snowy day out, I got to stay in because I never was absent. So my teacher didn’t even count that snowy day. 
  2. ALWAYS SIT IN THE FRONT : teachers will know you if you’re always sitting in the front. they will be able to recognize you’re name out of the 30 when it’s time to grade (hint hint). Just always be in the front, i know i sounds corny but i’d rather be corny and have a 4.0 then cool and failing 
  3. GET AN ACORDIAN FOLDER : will make your college career easier. Trust me it will. You don’t have to worry about forgetting s folder at home because you’re always carrying around ONE folder, instead of five.  
  4. WRITE DOWN WHATEVER THE TEACHER SAYS: literally, now is they’re talking about their personal life then no. But if they are talking about your class… write it down. paraphrase it or write it down word for word it doesn’t really matter. You’ll be really happy when the teacher asks a question and your the only one that can give them an answer because you write everything down. 
  5. MAKE SURE HE STAFF KNOW YOU: now im not saying to kiss up to anyone. what i am saying though whenever you see them say hi, even if it’s a custodian. Greet the staff because at the end of he day whoever you’re having problems Or whenever there’s an award/ Scholarship. they will see your name and be able to connect a name to a face. Some people may not see the importance of it but trust me it is. In the long run ALL the staff you connect with, can be your professional contacts. If you need a recommendation letter they’ll do one. if you need advice they are there. The staff may seem mean but trust me they long to know the students that attend the university but how will they when you always have your head phones in ? a simple Hows your day going? can take you a long way. 

Hope these tips helped you loves thank you for the support. God bless you all xoxo ❤️





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