So guys, that time of the year is back. Where you dread waking up and just sit at the edge of your bed for like 20mims after you wake up…. School. I started my sophomore year of college today. I decided to wear this because it’s chic yet very simple. The block heel makes it easy to walk in and even run in around campus… trust me I’ve been there guys. The shoes snake skin straps flow with the mustard in my pants. Decided to rock my MCM bag so it can be a pop of color. Over all its one of those looks that LOOK complicated but are easy. The hardest part of this look was the shoes. Like, deciding which shoes to wear. The details of my outfit will be listed below. Thank you all for the support!  Have a great school year loves ❤️ xoxo

Body suit- forever 21                         

Pants- Zara   

Shoes- Charloutte RUSSE 

BookBag- MCM
INSTAGRAM- Milnalisdiese

SNAPCHAT- Milnalis 

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