Back To School Holy Grail’s: DRUGSTORE Makeup Edition

Schools literally around the corner, are you guys excited? I’m excited but bummed out because of all the home work. I start the 30th of August and In regards to that I’ve decided to make a back to school post. In 2-3 weeks everyone would be in school. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite DRUG STORE makeup products that will give you that back to school glow. Especially as a college student I need to save them coins, so I’ve learned how to do a lot with what I can afford. Remember it’s not the price of the makeup, it’s the application of it that’s makes it look bad always keep that in mind. Also Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good!! 

  1. RUBY KISSES: ALL OVER GLOW HIGHLIGHTER these are super pigmented and leave  you with just enough of glow. why spend 30$ on Macs Gold deposit when you can save your coins and get this Ruby kisses highlight for 4$ ? Works perfectly I use it every single day. 
  2. LA PRO GIRL CONCEALER I use these everyday, I personally don’t use foundation. I usually color correct  with their orange concealer & then put on my regular highlighting / concealing color. It’s very thick and amazing for 3$. This could be a dupe for the Nars Raident creamy concealer. Nars is a lighter consistancy but it cost 30 something dollars. To me they both do the same thing the only difference is the price. La Pro Girl is really affordable and amazing.  
  3. NYX MICRO BROW this eyebrow pencil is the bomb, gives you popping brows in a few seconds there’s not much too it. and some of them being a spooly so it’s fast and easy to go. and you can use your concealer (LA PRO GIRL) to clean up your brows. 
  4. Perfecting Primer by Hard Candy I’ve been breaking out a lot lately stress , weather change, schools about to start ETC.  This primer literally is amazing I used it , and it covers your acne just enough that you have a flat canvas for make up with out feeling Cakey. I can’t stand makeup products that make you feel sticky and don’t let my skin breathe through. This helped me , and made my makeup last longer! ITS ALSO 8$ So why not? 

thank you ladies for reading, have a blessed school year. Slay lives on a daily ladies, Slay lives. xoxo ❤️



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