LIFE UPDATE: Moved Back to College & ETC

SORRRRRRY for not blogging for the past week or so. This blog post will be all over the place lol I’m apologizing in advance. So the past week  I’ve been moving back into my dorm, I also got the oppurtunity to preach at my church the night before I headed back up to school. it was an amazing oppurtunity, I’m so happy to be back up at school. Also my boyfriend got me a surprise gift for being back at school. we’re both RA’s  so we’re back on campus 2 weeks before everyone else. I’m inserting pictures of my dorm room , and my surprise that my boyfriend got me. 

Im excited to start this school year, I graduate do I’m looking forward  to that. Wish you guys the best school year, and that God may protect you whether you’re dorming or at home for school. Or in highschool. Have a great year guys 💪🏾

This is my side of my room. my colleges dorming is a bit UNTRADITIONAL. Each of the students have their own apartments. full kitchens, full houses, so you don’t live a boring Resident hall Building. I CLEARLY love the orange.This is my desk all my makeup, books, perfume. If you guys want a more in depth post about where I got all my dorm stuff I’ll do that just let me know.

So like I mentioned we each get FULL houses in my college as “dorming”. I love it got full closet space, a full kitchen, and a two story or flat house .

 This is the surprise my boyfriend got me, he bought me this MCM bag I was going to buy for my self next month. Also KD’s and I don’t even wear sneakers I wear heels so this is different but it’s for those causal days. I love them to be honest. Last but definitely NOT least Daisy Dream By Marc Jacobs. That’s my second fave perfume my fist one is Very sexy by Victoria Secret. 
Thank you guys for the support ! Much love God bless xoxo ❤️

Instagram : Milnalisdiese

Snapchat: Milnalis 

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