Dorming for College as a Christian?¿ Yeah I know it sounds a bit rare. A lot of people don’t go because they’re scared that they will loose faith but I recommend EVERY ONE OF YOU TO DORM. It’s a learning experience and helps you a lot as a believer. There’s a lot of pros and cons to it. For those of you that don’t know I’m about to go into my second year Dorming about 4 hours from home. So I’ve already got a year under my belt and I’ve learned a lot that’s why I’m going to share with you guys. 
 One pro is that since you’re not home anymore and you’re like alone you learn how to depend on God more. Since It’s only YOU and him in the beginning before you make any friends and get close to your roommate. I feel like it challenges you, in a good way though to seek God more. 
One Con is that because you’re dorming there’s always parties on campus. As a Christian, once you say that you are one people will label you as the “church girl”. Especially because I found a church in town to attend every Sunday and got heavily involved with the church group on campus. Back to the parties though, they will invite you knowing you’re a Christian. It’s kinda hard when you’re friends and room mates are getting ready to party, yet you know that you can’t because you’re supposed to be different and an example. Because you serve God. I’ve had many nights where I’d want to go out but I just feel so guilty if I do because once again were supposed to reflect Christ and be different. 

The whole partying topic has a Pro to it aswell, It holds you accountable to not go buck wild. because you’re well aware that people are always watching you. So you become very picky with what you involve yourself into and that’s great especially as you get older and live on your own. And Since I went to church every Sunday, that hold me accountable to having to wake up so I’d avoid the party scene. don’t get me wrong I went to like one college party the entire year and it was awkward cause I don’t drink, never gotten drunk and I don’t smoke and that’s all they do at parties. So I felt out of place you know? lol never want to see myself in that position again. 

To wrap this up, I want to end with JUST BE YOUUUUUUU. Be happy that you serve God don’t be ashamed and be YOU. Just because your friends drink and smoke doesn’t mean you have too. Trust me they’ll still be your friends. my friends labeled me “The Mom” and they’re ALLL older than me. Don’t be ashamed. I had this guy approach me and tell me If you’re celibate and don’t drink or smoke then WHY are you dorming for college?” I just look at this boy and laughed and said,Because I want a degree“. Remember you’re going away to be different. because I was different all 3 of my house mates first semester accepted God even one that was an atheist. In college they don’t care about you saying you’re a Christian you need to prove it by your actions. and that’s deff going to be Hard but God will help you get through it. Whenever you feel lonley remember God is always there for you. you just have to look for him. Cause he’s a gentlemen he isn’t going to dwell where he’s not welcomed you know ?  so you have to welcome him.
thank you guys for the support, I appreciate it! God bless xoxo ❤️


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