3 Truths About Living in New York City…

I was actually born and raised here, in New York City. These are the things I’ve learned through out the years as I grew older and traveled. I’ve traveled enough to know the difference between the City & other areas. So in sharing 3 things that you deal with when coming to the city. 

  1. Public Transportation: is the WORST THING EVER , You don’t know if the bus is coming in 20 mins or an hour. So on those Snowy Days, or rainy days waiting for the bus/train could be annoying. Plus you need to always have a metro card on you and that could be annoying aswell. One cool thing about public transportation is that you can easily hop on a train and be anywhere in the entire city. Because the MTA connects everything in such a way that you could end up in Staten island from Manhattan. The process to getting to the place can be a pain, or take long. 
  2. THERE’S ALWAYS PEOPLE: As in if you want to sleep and you aren’t from here is suggest you to get a hotel room very high up in the air so you can be able to have a goods nights rest. It’s  always busy here. That can be a pro but also a con. As in, if you like the busy streets and being around people all the time this is perfect for you. It’s a con because after youve lived away from the city for a long time you get used to that area and don’t like the city. Sounds confusing but me myself, I was born and raised here and dorm up state in  Utica for college. And every time I come home I can’t stand the area. I like the quiet, and I like people but The city’s is always loud. I’m currently writing this and there’s a Bunch of kids screaming they’re little hearts out side. you can’t just yell and tell them to shut up because they’ll yell louder. so yeah My goal is to come to the city for work & work only. I wouldn’t want to live here to raise my family personally. because I was raised here and I know how it is. don’t hate me lol but yeah I prefer the chill areas.
  3. Shopping: This has its pros and it’s cons just like everything boo. I love shopping in Times Square and in the malls. Sometimes you find very good deals and bargains in little random stores in the city. but sometimes (well majority of the times)  they will OVER PRICE ITEMS just because they know you will buy them because it’s in “the city”. Retailers make a lot. because it’s mainly tourist that are always in the city so they overprice it all. One time my aunt was  shopping and a guy tried to charge her 50$ for an item that was 20$ so she told him excuse me I know what’s the worth of that and it’s far from 50$, I’m not paying you that” and he automatically said “no problem I’ll take 20$” . You need to learn these things before you try To go on a shopping spree in Manhattan and get scammed. lol 

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