My Top 10 Songs (At The Moment)

Welcome back to my blog ladies, I’m doing something a little different. So if you don’t know I am a Christian which means I listen to Christian music. Once I say that I know what popped up in your head “Ahh boring Church music”. This blog post isn’t just for my believers is for those of you who aren’t Christian aswell because when I wasn’t Christian I had HUGE ANXITEY PROBLEMS and Christian music would be the only thing that would calm me down & give me reassurance so be open minded about this blog post.  I’m here to show you though that their are different genres of Christian music. NOT just the typical Church music. I’m not boring so I don’t do well with boring music, especially as a church singer. These are my favorite songs at the moment. They aren’t boring they are up beat and some even have raps 😭 not your typical church music. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think.                                                                        

The God I Know – Love & The Outcome:  This is my fave song arm. I play this song to do my makeup, get ready, for everything. I love music with this type of beat.                 

Light Shine Bright- Toby Mac Ft. Hollyn: IM ALSO obsessed with this song. The way the beat drops is just amazinglol. My boyfriend actually introduced me to this entire Toby Mac  album. Toby Mac’s just awesome. I’ll highly recommend him if you don’t like boring slow music.                    

Backseat Driver- Toby Mac Ft Hollyn & Tru: Another Toby Mac lol. His music is really Good. This song has a rap in it. And the beat kinda reminds me of highschool musical 2 when they were in the kitchen singing and banging on pots with spoons. random but everytime I hear it I think of that movie scene lol 

Lo Unico Que Quiero- Marco Barrientos Ft Marcela Gandara: I decided to throw something Spanish in the mix since I am Dominican. this is more chill music but it touches your soul. 

Refuge- Finding Favour: This song can literally take me out of any mood that I’m in (you know… us females always moody). It has a more upbeat feel to it. 

What Can I Do- Tye Tribbett: This song is more gospel style. Like A man singing and then a bunch of back ground singers ? yeah that way. But this song is perfect for car Kareoke sessions lol. Which I’ve had a bunch of those in my boyfriends car. 

Sparrows- Jason Gray: This song is my worry when ever I worry I play this. the reason I call it that is because my favorite line says “If he can hold this world he can hold this moment, Not a field or flower escapes his notice.”  Which reminds me to chill out and stop over thinking, and stressing.  Gods in control  and I “can’t add a single day by worrying” like the first line says  lol. 

In The River- Jesus Culture: let me tell you, if you haven’t heard Jesus Culture Or Kim Walker (the founder of the group)  go do so now. This group is very good. And This song is a very up beat band style song & that’s exactly who I like It. 

Fierce- Jesus Culture: This song talks about how Gods love is so fierce ( Hence the tittle lol). My fave line says “Like a tidal wave, Crashing over me, Rushing in to meet me here, Your love is fierce.” Me and my boyfriend literally Jam OUT to this song  all the time. 

Transfiguration-Hillsong: This song, is amazing. Selena Gomez sung this at her concert as recognition for Chrisina Grimmie the day after everything happend. that’s not the reason I love it though I love it because it’s very mellow and calm. 
Thanks for the support ladies have a wonderful day xoxo ✨

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