So since I major for fashion merchandising I’ve been exposed to a lot of different styles and I’ve picked up a couple things from here to there. So decided to bring you ladies 5 KEY PEICES YOU NEED FOR FALL. Mainly geared it for students but this can apply to you even if your not one tbh. 
The Leather Jacket – Not only is it super stylish but… if you’re a student on the go you can easily just throw it on over anything. Plus in fall the mornings and nights tend to be chillier. So you’ll thank me later for always have a jacket with you.
The Famous Booties– I know this was a trend last year… but this is one of those trends that are timeless in my eyes. You can honestly throw on the simplest outfit, add a pair of booties and you’ll look put together. Plus THEY ARE SUPER COMFORTABLE.  This still is my favorite item for the fall/winter & even spring. I wore booties ALLL over campus last year. I love them so much because you give you that Classy feeling without you having to put on stilettos lol. 
A Simple T-Shirt – Another key Item in your wardrobe. There will be days in which you don’t feel like going to class and interacting with the world. THOSE are the days the handy dandy T comes into play. You can put the T on with Jeans, sweats, leggings pair it with a scarf or Leather jacket and BAM it’s an easy out fit. For crying out loud you can just sleep with a simple T so in the morning you can literally roll out of bed, put on a jacket and call it a day. 

Body Suits – THIS IS A MUST (Well they all are but you get the point). Body suits literally save your life when your running late. you can pair a body suit with your favorite skirt or pants (my culottes to be exact) and I promise you you’ll look like you planned your out fit the night before. Something so versatile because you can easily dress this piece up or down. wear it class but also wear it to a friends birthday dinner. 
  BodyCon Dresses – This is a Major key ! I’m sorry I keep referring to “those days you don’t feel like doing this and that” but that’s literally the truth. So for those days you put on the dress, pair it with a jacket (a leather one leather always makes it look like you’ve tried) and a pair of booties and BAM WHAT?!? Got a bomb everyday outfit.  

thank you guys for reading xoxo ❤️


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