The Wait

A lot of times waiting is the last thing we want to do. But it’s totally necessary. As Christians we believe that if we pray Gods supposed to answer right away, but that’s where we get it twisted. We’re supposed to pray and WAIT on God be his timing. I love the phrase “God isn’t a microwave God” because it true lol. We can’t just click a button and that’s it our prayers and worries are answered.


no matter how dark the situation may seem. No matter how close you are to calling it quits. No matter who think what. No matter who leaves your life. Waiting on God is important cause when God comes through you’ll be super happy you waited. In the word , In ecclesiastes  it talks about how God makes everything beautiful in his time. take that verse literal… IN HIS TIME. NOT YOURS BOO.

Last thing on this topic, we can’t say we’re “waiting for God” and not act accordingly. To wait on him you must be living in a correct manner so God can Manifest himself in the midst of your situation and help you. You need to make a Decison whole heartedly so you can Lean on God and not your own understanding.  Actions speak louder than words. So instead of complaining to your girls and Chimando (that means Gossiping in Spanish). Go seek Gods presence and I promise you that, YOU WONT HAVE ANYTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. There’s something special about waiting for Gods timing. it’s totally worth it loves.

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