Sooooo it’s almost that time of year… 

which means that you are either very excited (like myself) to go back to school, Or you’re a freshman/ transfer student which means you’re super duper nervous to start. I just finished my first year, and I dorm for college (5 hours from home). Throughout the year I’ve definitely gained a lot of knowledge. Here’s 5 random tips that will help you save money, relax your nerves, and allow you to be excited for your upcoming school year.

Just because the school sells the text books doesn’t mean you have to buy it from the school. There’s alternatives like, Chegg, Amazon, Any students that already took the class and bought the book you can buy it off of them. Just avoid the schools book store they’re out for your pockets !

GET A WORK STUDY JOB. if your school has that program available. it’s a good way to network and meet the colleges staff. But you also have a pass time and are getting money for yourself. most of these jobs aren’t hard on you because there given to you by the college. they understand you’re a student first.

GET INVOLVED INTO CLUBS OR SPORTS. because that looks beautiful on your resume in the future and it’s also a pass time. You make friends aswell. Colleges have a lot of different clubs and sports teams so, find something that’s just for you. instead of being in your dorm Bored 

DONT PROCRASTINATE BOO, DONT. It’s kinda obvious but this is key. especially in college because then you do your work rushing last minute and it comes out Capps then you wonder why you got a C or D. My motto is The earlier you do it the faster it’s over with. so don’t wait until 2AM to complete that math homework because you’ll be half asleep lol and might not get the grade you want.

TIME MANAGEMENT MATTERS. people treat you based on your time management skills in college. if your always late to class or work that doesn’t give people a good rep about you. So always try to be 10 mins early to class or work. trust me it’s worth leaving early from lunch with your girls to go to class. Because even though some professors might not say it they Grade you A LOT on that. whether you go to class or if you go late. So don’t be a social butterfly in between classes and just dash to class. Also get an Agenda please. It truthfully helps you to remember your test dates, meetings, presentations and etc. if I were you I’d definitely invest in one. and it doesn’t have to be expensive they’re are a lot of student agendas that are cheap and get the job done.


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